The beauty and wonder of the icicle is appreciated by everyone. It is truly amazing how something so simple can be so amazing. The purpose of this website is to connect you with the icicles you love in many different forms. From ornaments to lights to collectibles, we will help connect you to the icicles that you love, in non-melting forms, of course.

Icicle decorations have long been a popular choice, as they symbolize both the winter season, as well as the holidays. They have indeed become one of the most recognizable symbols of Christmas, and both children and adults love them. There are many different types of ornaments that can be used to bring winter indoors. There are also icicle lights that can be used both inside and outside of the home.

One of the reasons that these items are so immensely popular is the fact that they work to produce the same effect that a true icicle puts out when hit by sunlight. Strands of icicle lights will twinkle in that special way, and decorations will also sparkle when hit with either white or colored lights. This beauty is quite mesmerizing, and is why icicle products and decorations remain popular choices year after year.

Spend a few minutes browsing through our list of icicle related items. You will likely be amazed at just how many variations there are. The easy to use search function can be used to help you quickly find the icicle products that you have been looking for. Don’t see what you need? Contact us! We will be more than happy to help you find the icicles you love.

Using Icicle Lights for Home Decoration

The addition of icicle lights to your holiday decor can help to imbue your home with Christmas spirit and warmth. Both interior and exterior lights have become an integral element of the season’s celebrations. Icicle lights are fast becoming a quintessential decoration.

These lights use 5 to 7 watts per bulb, have a longer lifespan than traditional straight strands with larger bulbs. Energy efficient, they are more economical as well.  Remember to turn off the lights during the day and while away from home for maximum cost effectiveness and to reduce fire hazard risk. During this busy time of year, consider regulating the lights on an automatic timer to keep it easy on yourself and your wallet. Just make sure that the timer is able to handle the total wattage of your entire light display.

Safety should be of utmost consideration when Christmas decorating. When shopping for lights, be sure they are labeled that they have met the Underwriter Laboratories (UL) requirements. Follow package guidelines concerning how many sets may be connected together safely. When using lights outside the home, check that they are suitable for outdoor/indoor use. Inspect each strand before you start decorating to catch any defects. Avoid overloading the electric circuits too. Most homes today are capable of handling up to 2.400 watts.

If you choose to decorate your home with a fresh tree, be sure to keep the water reservoir filled. While nothing compares to the smell and ambiance of a real tree, hot lights strung on a tree can pose a real danger if the tree is left to dry out. Also take care to keep cords well away from the water where they cannot be inadvertently splashed or dipped into it.

Icicle lights can look magical when hung from the roof line and eaves of your home, reminiscent of crisp, snowy, north-pole winters with sparkling, dripping icicles. They can be used to frame windows, stair handrails, fencing, and porch or balcony railing to add a special, festive, and elegant holiday feel.

Alternatively,  you may opt to choose a more natural, rustic theme by decorating your Christmas tree without lights. A century ago, it was the custom to hang garlands of  popcorn and cranberries. Other charming ideas might include candy canes, bundles of cinnamon sticks tied with pretty ribbon, and gingerbread men. Burning candles clipped to individual branches in place of strings of lights lends the room a warm and inviting glow, however the utmost of care must be taken for the care and safety of your family. Whether you use candles inside or icicle lights outside, you can be sure your holiday decorations will be a part of your family’s and friend’s cherished happy memories for years to come.

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