Time for Christmas Q&A?

Question by Maggot (12): Time for Christmas Q&A?
1. Are you excited about Christmas?
2. What are your favorite things about Christmas?
3. What are your 3 favorite Christmas songs?
4. What are your 3 favorite Christmas movies?
5. How much sleep do you average on Christmas Eve?
6. What do you want for Christmas?
7. Do you like flurries, blizzard, or no snow on Christmas?
8. What was your favorite gift you ever got?
9. Real or Artificial tree?
10. What is your favorite ornament?
11. Do you like giving or receiving presents more? (only one please)
12. When do you open presents, Christmas Eve or Christmas day?
13. Star or Angel on top of your tree?
14. When do you put up your decorations?
15. When do you take them down?
16. When do you normally go Christmas shopping?
17. When does the Christmas Season officially start for you?
18. What is better, the weeks leading up to Christmas, Eve, or Day?
19. When do you start answering Christmas questions on Answers?
20. Do you believe in Santa Claus?
21. Do you stay home on Christmas, or go out?
22. What is the best Christmas Rankin Bass special?
23. Have you ever had a miserable Christmas?
24. How much do you normally spend on a person?
25. What is your Christmas meal?

1. Oh yeah!!!
2. Family is the best thing about Christmas
3. The Christmas Song, Little Drummer Boy, Silent Night
4. A Christmas Story, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Elf
5. Probably 0-2 hours
6. Xbox
7. I wish it would blizzard, but as long as I don’t see the grass
8. Probably my Magic Bullet
9. Artificial
10. My snowman/ icicle ornament
11. Giving is so much funner
12. The majority on Christmas day
13. Star
14. This year on November 4th (today)
15. New Years Eve
16. The beginning of December
17. After Halloween for me
18. Probably Christmas eve, we have a blast
19. Around Halloween time
20. I try
21. Home in my jammies
22. The Year Without A Santa Claus
23. Never
24. Around $ 20
25. Ham, Pierogi’s, Rolls

Whew, thats it, I’ll post more questions later on.
51 short days until… MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

P.S.- No Bah Humbug answers please
Just to add a little detail, Rankin Bass Specials are the claymation ones they have on TV around Christmas. Like Rudolph, Little Drummer Boy, Year Without A Santa Claus, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, etc.

Best answer:

Answer by sm
I don’t come here to work

but here goes

1. no
2. nothing
3. none
4. none
5. 7hrs
6. nothing
7. no snow
8. a bag of pennies
9. artificial
10. none
11. neither
12. eve
13. nothing
14. i don’t
15. never
16. i don’t
17. it doesn’t
18. none
19. now
20. no
21. home
22. what
23. every year
24. a dollar
25. mac n cheese

i want my seven minutes back you prlck

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What are some ways I can make my home more festive for Christmas?

Question by Charley: What are some ways I can make my home more festive for Christmas?
I understand that it’s a little late, but tomorrow my husband’s side of the family is arriving and I am also throwing a Christmas party for the block. I have already put out many things such as Christmas snow globes, a real nutcracker next to our nut bowl, garland and lights around the house, and a wreath and stockings above the fireplace. I also, obviously, have a Christmas tree with lights and ornaments. I also have icicle Christmas lights and a large pine tree in our front yard I still feel as though I have something missing though- any suggestions for more decorations? Thank you to all answers.

Best answer:

Answer by mab5096
Candles are festive and easy, smell good and add instant romance. Make a big grouping of them for your table or mantle. A wreath on the door? Wrap a picture that hangs in your kitchen or bathroom with beautiful Christmas paper and a big ribbon, then rehang it to look like a gift.

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A very early christmas survey?

Question by Pie: A very early christmas survey?
I know it’s early. I don’t care.

I typically don’t start shopping this early for Christmas gifts, but my dad found something he liked the other day, and because it’s a pain to think of things to get him, I’m going to go out, buy the thing, and hide it until December 25 of 2010.

#1 – When do you start shopping for gifts?
#2 – Who is the hardest person to shop for in your family?
#3 – Do you ever get in the mood for Christmas, even though it’s not even close to December?
#4 – How often do you see people who still have Christmas decorations on their lawn even though it’s months after December? I saw a house the other day that still had the “icicle lights” hanging from the roof.
#5 – What’s the weirdest thing you have bought/recieved?
The Lonely Stoner, to answer your question: Nah. But my neighbor is. Not that you’d care, you’d rather go smoke pot alone, I guess.

Best answer:

Answer by The Lonely Stoner
i bet you’re that annoying neighbor who has their lights up in October, aren’t you?

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Warning! Very long, but I need to know where I stand in all this? Am I behind, ahead, what do you think?

Question by NeedAnswers: Warning! Very long, but I need to know where I stand in all this? Am I behind, ahead, what do you think?
My wedding is in February of next year and this is what I have done.

-Got all the vendors selected, except for the musician, which will be used through the church once we meet with the pastor next month.

-I bought all the accessories for my dress, including garter. I got the guest pen, (and extra pen for the guest book if the other one goes out), all the centerpieces for all the tables including decorations and lights for the head table.

-I got the flower girl petals and basket, and ring bearer pillow.

-BM’s selected their dresses and they are ordered. I already have my dress (in my parent’s closet so Fiance can’t sneak and look at it at our home.)

-I got the cake cutting set, bubbles, engraved flutes, pew clips, white pew bows (that I don’t like so I ordered purple ones online and I’m expecting them in the mail.)

-I got the usher gifts, the BM gifts, and the parent’s gifts. They are almost all wrapped, but I’m still trying to find small purple bows (our colors are violet and silver.)

-We already selected the style of cake and bought all the cake decorations and finalized with the baker.

-I got the favor boxes all picked and bought, I just gotta buy the hersheys kisses and have them done by me and the BM’s (closer to the wedding date for freshness)

-We already got our engagement photos done.

-We did our tasting for the reception and selected our meal choice and signed the catering contract.

-I got the aisle runner and I’m ordering white small umbrellas online for each person in the bridal party in case of rain/snow.

-We looked at invitations at the place we know we are going to get them, and I kind of have an idea of what I want, we whittle the choices down to 10 designs we will browse through later.


-I got a head start on my emergency bridal kit, but I still need to buy more stuff.

-I still don’t know the time of the ceremony/reception since I still have to meet with the pastor next month.

-I don’t know what songs I want for the DJ…or what songs I want at the ceremony.

-I want outdoor photos in the snow, but I haven’t sent photos to the photographer yet that I want.

-I am not clear on where we want the Rehearsal Dinner, or what we are going to get. I have some ideas though

-We still haven’t got tuxes, or the flower girl/ring bearer stuff, bc my fiance is dragging his feet not wanting to call his older bro to ask him to have the niece and nephew as flowergirl/ringbearer bc he doesn’t know what to say, they haven’t talked much in years and he lives super far away so it’s awkward for him, they get along but they are kinda like strangers in a way.

-I still don’t have all the addresses/phone numbers for the guest list…waiting on fiance’s mom to get all that stuff together. She said she would get it done a week ago but I realize it’s 40 people she’s gotta look up so I will be nice and give her time.

-I don’t have a spa picked out yet for my hair/makeup/nails.

-I don’t know when or how the ushers will roll out the aisle runner.

-I still need to show the florist all my decorations, tuxes, flowergirl/ringbearer outfits so she knows what to do to match the flowers…this for sure has to be done by October.

-I haven’t done any weightloss/tanning stuff yet.

-Haven’t paid off all the vendors yet, but we are making payments.

-I also still need to buy stuff to set up the icicle lights at the head table.

-Still don’t know what to do for an outline of the reception, as in, how to do the order of things, I’m thinking meal, then dance, then cake cutting. IDK?

OKAY! SO what do you think? Am I behind, ahead, what do you think? I have 10 more months until the wedding. Thanks!
HAHA messykat I forgot about that!!

Best answer:

Answer by Messykatt
I think you’re way ahead. What’s left is more of the minor stuff (other than paying vendors, but that’s ongoing).

Oh…and and you might want to add marriage license to your to-do list :)

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Any good holiday storage tips?

Question by : Any good holiday storage tips?
Okay, after pulling out the holiday decorations from storage last year, and trying to fix or replace the lights that don’t work (even though they were in fine working order when they were put away), what are some good tips for storing decorations to minimize the work of getting everything put away this year so that everything works and can easily be put up next year?

I have lights (strings of LEDs and mini bulbs, net lights, rope lights (inside the plastic tubing), and icicle lights where the lights are inside a 6-8 inch plastic icicle), a lighted wreath, 2 lighted evergreen swags (4 ft and 7 ft), and lots of tinsel and bulbs with hooks.

It just seems that every year, there’s something that makes a string or lights (or part of a string) “magically” stop working.

Best answer:

Answer by MissShinyFeathers
I suggest you put them in separate plastic containers with lids and store them in your house. You can put these individual containers into a bigger box, to save space. You can also buy great storage containers on sale from Canadian Tire, and sometimes even get the lights on sale as well.

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Need advice on decorating outside for holidays… what to do with electrical things?

Question by : Need advice on decorating outside for holidays… what to do with electrical things?
This is going to be my first year decorating the outside of our small town home/apt with lights for Christmas. I purchase icicle lights and a few other decorations that will need to be plugged in. No problem since we have an outdoor electric socket under our tiny porch area. However I know most will be subjected to the rain. Are there any items in stores that can protect the ends from being damaged by water? What do you do to make sure your outdoor lighting/decorations are safe during weather?

Best answer:

Answer by c_kayak_fun
You should only use lights approved for outdoor use (it will say on the package). If a light string has a female plug at one end to attach another string, wrap it tightly with black electrical tape to keep out moisture. The outdoor plugs at your house are required to be GFI protected and will trip like a circuit breaker (just like the ones in your bathroom) if there is a ground fault due to leakage, so don’t worry about it.

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How is the Australian Christmas celebrated?

Question by -closed-: How is the Australian Christmas celebrated?
I saw a question here a week or so ago about Christmas in Australia, and I’ve been thinking about it since- it may be dumb but I have to ask.

Do Australians connect snow with Christmas in any way?

Examples that come to mind:

hear songs/watch movies like frosty the snowman
play songs like I’m dreaming of a white christmas
put up icicle lights outside
have any decorations be snow related

and does santa wear a big heavy red suit with big black boots?

thank you

Best answer:

Answer by ripcurl
same as america. Lights santa reindeer, the works and yes snow.

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what do you think of these new xmas decorations?

Question by 304980: what do you think of these new xmas decorations?
i enjoy taking our dog for a chilly winter walk around 10:00 pm…i like to look at the houses decorated and a nosy peek into their homes from a long of our neighbors has the icicle lights hanging from the house and it is the new variety that are bright like fluorescent is so bright that the charm is taken away..many have the plastic novelty items that have a fan within to keep them up and you can hear the hum of the fan and in the day time they are just a heap of plastic on the ground..i see fiber optic trees,old fashioned large light bulb trees and the trees covered in white lights..i must admit i like the homes with the candles in the window and a large real wreath..a few have gone to the extreme of covering the roof and house in mega lights..looks like a lot of work..its these fan humming plastic novelty’s’ that turns me off…what is your favorite?..the large lighted xmas bulbs bring back a lot of memories but the twinkling little mini lights are my favorite.

Best answer:

Answer by Greybeard
Very Nice!

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When do you put out your Christmas decorations & what do you put out?

Question by Phillip: When do you put out your Christmas decorations & what do you put out?
Usually I do it in December possibly the end of November but this year the lights are going out before Thanksgiving because its warm right now but they wont be lit up till after Thanksgiving or the 1st of December. The Inflatables will be put out the day after Thanksgiving providing its not raining.

Stuff that is put out -
- Icicle lights on roof of house
- Regular Christmas Lights on both porches & block level of house
- Lights down the side of the house
- Nativity Scene (inflatable)
- 8ft. tall Santa (inflatable)
- 6ft. tall Snow globe (inflatable)
- 3 6ft. tall Sprial trees
- 2 2ft. tall Santa
- 1 4ft. tall Wiseman
- 6.5 ft. tall Christmas tree

- Sisters house
- Lights on roof
- Lights on porch and block level of the house.
- Lights down the side of the house
- Lights around the window
- Frosty family (inflatable)
- 6ft. tall snow globe
- 7.5ft Christmas tree

Best answer:

Answer by ocean_scoop
After fully and thoroughly investigating Christmas, I find it a completely pagan holiday that has been “Christianized” to suit the Church. It has nothing to do with Christ’s birthday, even though people have been told for centuries that it is about Jesus’ birthday, it really isn’t. Never was.
So I decided to drop it. I do not miss it either.

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What were your favorite Christmas decorations when you were little?

Question by Monty: What were your favorite Christmas decorations when you were little?
I remember having to go through the strings of lights till we found the bulb that was burnt out, so the string would light up. Took a long time, done before we put the lights on the tree. Big, fat lights.

And there was this long box, in which Mom saved tinsel from years past. It was the heavy, old. metallic tinsel. No matter how carefully it was put into the box, it always became a tangled ball. Hard to take apart. Finally my big brother began buying a new box of tinsel every year.

My favorite decorations were these twists of metal. Shiny colors on one side, silver on the other side. And the glow in the dark plastic icicles. I think we had about 6 of those…. And a plastic Donald Duck that hung on every tree I can remember in Mom’s house. It was still being put up after I was grown and gone.

Mom baked and hung sugar cookies on the tree, as well. Little bro and I were allowed one cookie every evening till Christmas.

Best answer:

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