Christmas Decoration Question?

Question by Princess N: Christmas Decoration Question?
This Christmas I am going to do something different for my decor. I want to create a ‘snow’ effect in my living room where the tree will be. I am going to thumbtack cotton on my ceiling to look like a blanket of ‘snow’ and then have fake icicles and snow flakes suspended out of the ‘snow’. My question to you all is where can I find and purchase a roll of cotton. You know, like what they have in malls at the bottom of the santa display? I have the patience to pull this off but I don’t have “INDIVIDUAL BEAUTY SUPPLY STORE COTTON BALLS” patience. Thanks guys!!!! Have a great holiday!

You all are THE BEST!!! Women RULE!!! Thanks.

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Answer by eskie lover
They use batting rolls found in the fabric stores. JoAnn fabrics has it on sale right now, but you can also find it at discounters that have a fabric/sewing department.

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  • firstladyejp says:

    Go to your local craft/sewing store. They will be able to help you. You might even want to consider using batting (quilt filling). Sounds like a beautiful decorating idea. Good luck to you!

  • Joe L says:

    Eskie Lover got it right… go to Joanns or Michaels or whatever craft store you have around, they have batting and cotton and all sorts of stuff that would work for you :)

    Check your Sunday paper for coupons for 40% off if you go to JoAnn’s!

  • Melon says:


  • Ballet 24/7 says:

    Pat Catans

    Thye have alot of decorations just like what your talking about at their store.

    Or you can try Jo Anns

  • Brittany says:

    You could just buy the material used to stuff pillows. They sell it in bags at a lot of places, even WalMart.

  • peppersham says:

    NO you don’t need cotton,you need the batting for quilts,it comes in all sizes like for full,queen sizes and just cut it or drape the way you want.Buy it at WalMart or crafts store.Your idea sounds lovely.

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