Good ideas for “arctic” decoration?

Question by : Good ideas for “arctic” decoration?
This is for decirating our part of the hallway in homecoming. We have paper mâché animals like a polar bear and a penguin. We also have glacier ideas and icicle light ideas. Any other ideas??

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Answer by A Modest Proposal
Perhaps some more animals as you might find here:

You could also look into iceberg decoration. I’d like to suggest some way to include a constant Sun (as a 6-month day or night is a unique feature to the polar regions), but I can’t think of any feasible way to portray that idea with stationary objects.

One hint though: don’t use penguins. Those are Antarctic creatures, not Arctic. Unless you’re just going for polar in general, in which geographical mixing might be warranted.

Maybe you can make one end of the hallway the Arctic, and the other the Antarctic. Then you can have the Sun at one end, and nighttime on the other, and have the animas separated into their respective biomes.

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