How do you put tinsel on the tree?

Question by : How do you put tinsel on the tree?
Usually, my the only thing my husband puts on the tree is the star. I typically decorate it while he puts up decorations outside and in higher than I can reach places in the house. This year he finished up just in time to take notice to the way I’ve been putting the tinsel on forever. I wasn’t aware there was any other way than the way my mom used to, by gathering it in neat handfuls of 15-20strands (just roughly eyeing it, not actual counting each strand) straightening them out and making sure they are pretty uniform in length. Then I drape the cluster over a branch, so it looks like dangling icicles and repeat until it looks nice.

My husband actually laughed when he saw me. I guess he was raised that you just kind of grabbed a handful of tinsel and chucked it at the tree, letting it rest where it falls! I have always noticed the tinsel is unevenly scattered all over my MILs tree every year, but assumed that was because of her cats lol. So how do you put the tinsel on the tree? In some sort of neat fashion , or do you take my husbands approach and chuck it on there? Now we’re debating who’s tinsel applying method is more normal lol :-)

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Answer by Kate
i think ur taking this a bit too seriously… its just tinsel on a tree. put it on there where it fits, just not in massive bundles! thats all

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