LED Icicle Lights for Home Use

For easier visibility of your front walkway, steps, and entry way, illuminate the way by wrapping bushes or hedges, and lining stair rails and porch railing with lights. It’s not only a cheerful way to welcome holiday visitors, but a well lighted pathway keeps them safe from falls.

Front yard displays lend themselves well to the use of lights. Try draping lights around the top of Santa’s sleigh or around the edges and roof of a nativity scene manger. Fence in and make your display easier to see by stringing icicle lights along garden stakes set into the ground around your display.

For a breathtakingly romantic atmosphere winter or summer, hang icicle lights around the inside of the gazebo. They’ll be visible from the outside, but the inside of the gazebo will have a soft, warm glow. It will be a comfy place to sit with your special someone and enjoy the warm summer nights or to cozy up together in blankets with a steaming cup of eggnog on those cool winter nights.

Put the spotlight on your establishment and instill a warm inviting touch in restaurants, boutiques, cafes by adding excitement with glistening, sparkling icicle lights. Bring to life and add a glow to entry ways, outdoor seating areas.

You needn’t wait until the Christmas season to start planning the perfect décor. Lights can easily be found online all year around in a large variety of types. In both incandescent and LED’s, string and bulb colors, bulb shapes, and lengths.

As versatile as they are, take advantage of your lights in the summer months too. Use them on porches, patios, and back yard areas to create a festive, magical atmosphere to parties or get togethers.

Whether you experience snow each winter, or live in a area that rarely sees a flake, you can create your own winter setting with icicle lights. Both the LED and traditional version can be used to create a festive mood throughout the year. There are thousands of different ways to use icicle lights to create custom lighting both inside and outside of your home whenever you wish.

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