Q&A: I want to host a Twilight DVD release party, any Ideas?

Question by short1isshort: I want to host a Twilight DVD release party, any Ideas?
I don not want costumes please!
Ideas So Far:

*Read Quotes From The Book- See Who Guesses The Right Character Who Says It
*Pros And Cons Of Teams
*Fortune Teller Paper Origami Game
*Pose With Life Size Edward
*Red Ribbon Hanging From Ceiling
*Only Candle Lit Lighting
*Icicle Light Hanging From The Fan (Prom)
*Red And Black Balloons
*Tie Red Ribbon Around Coke Cans
*Stack Books
Food And Drink:
*Ravioli (1st Date)
*Coke (1st Date)
*Red Punch
*Forbidden Fruit- Cinnamon Apples
Yes, I Have An Edward Stand Up!!

Best answer:

Answer by Amanda
do you have life size edward….i do i bought it for like 30 dollars

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2 Responses to Q&A: I want to host a Twilight DVD release party, any Ideas?

  • Lily H says:

    Great ideas. What about pepper mint mouth spray instead of pepper spray?

  • rockCHICK says:

    i think thats a great idea, considering im a huge twilight fan. definitely do something with apples, or “forbidden fruit”. possibly play some baseball ;)
    get posters of all the characters, like the family, and james, laurent and victoria.
    you can play kiss edward! my friends did that with the poster of his face…
    its like pin the tail on the donkey, only you put lipstick on and kiss the poster after being spun and blindfonded and such.
    and the person who comes the closest wins the poster :)
    idk corny but its a good time.

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