Q&A: Winter wonderland sweet sixteen help?

Question by : Winter wonderland sweet sixteen help?
My Sweet Sixteen party is November 18th its at a hall and the theme is winter wonderland. I have already decided that the colors are going to be White,Silver, and Light Blue. I have also decided that i am going to use a fake Christmas tree sprayed with fake snow and lights wrapped around it, Hundreds of balloons in silver white and blue, Garland, Tinsel, Pine cones sprayed white, White Christmas lights, Fake icicles, Hundreds of homemade and bought snowflakes hanging from the celing and taped to the walls, Westminster paper bells in white and light blue, Cotton balls with glitter on them, White confetti, Fake snow, and a large 7ft cardboard snowman as decorations. What else should i do to give it a more winter wonderland feel?

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Answer by Açe•º•. derps now
I think that’ll be enough….. actually too much seriouslly.

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