What does your Xmas tree look like this year?

Question by : What does your Xmas tree look like this year?
My husband and I put up the tree last night and it looks so pretty :-) . Ours is a 5′ lettuce green (light green) tinsel tree. We used our usual collection of off the wall ornaments, that are mostly shaped like sparkly “food” (my favorites are the hamburger, butternut squash, garlic clove and t-Rex). The lights are color-changing flamingos and we have our neat glass candy canes. O, and LOTS of silver tinsel, the way my mom always draped it so it looks like icicles. I kind of miss our normal tree, which is a 7ft metallic garland tree. But it’s such a pain to get up since we have to rearrange a bunch of junk and anchor it to the ceiling really well.

So what does your tree look like this year? Is it the tree you usually use, or did you use a new one? Did you do more eclectic decorations or traditional?

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Answer by pickmefirstplz
don’t know have not got it yet hopefully it will be green

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  • Cowboy's Sweetheart says:

    I will probably use a weeping fig this year. My lights look like little poinsettias and most of my ornaments look like toys.

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